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Civil Type Mobile Concrete Mixer

Submitted by Cynthia,07/23/2013
Mobile concrete mixer can be devided into many kinds. Although the large type of concrete mixer is popular on construction sites, the civil type mobile concrete mixer is usually used on small and medium-sized town construction.

Small and medium-sized town construction have not very high requirements to mobile concrete mixer, whether it is in concrete production or in the concrete quality. While, is there any classifications about mobile concrete mixer? In fact, the classification of civil type mobile concrete mixer has relatively obvious criteria.

Climbing bucket concrete mixer, lifting concrete mixer and diesel concrete mixer are the mostly used civil type mobile concrete mixer by  users who have small concrete production. Among these types of concrete mixers, diesel concrete mixer is able to be used in electricity shortage areas and when electricity supply is not sufficient. Diesel concrete mixer is powered by electricity and diesel. The main working principles of diesel concrete mixer are the same as those of other drum concrete mixers.  Different civil type mobile concrete mixers have varied working principles. The biggest difference lies in feeding methods of mobile concrete mixers are not the same, such as the lifting type concrete mixer can lift and transport concrete, which is convenient for the feeding etc..

As civil type concrete mixer, the basic technology of mobile concrete mixer will not change too much no matter how the concrete mixer models change. While mobile concrete mixer will be improved in details to effectively enhance user experience, thus ensuring the price advantage and practicability of mobile concrete mixer.

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