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Common Abnormal in JS Series Concrete Mixer (I)

Submitted by Cynthia,11/06/2012
Our JS series concrete mixer is the best seller electric concrete mixer. It is widely used in large, medium and small precast concrete plant, water and power station, hydra dam construction, civil projects and other applications. Therefore, the maintenance is very important for making it serve it in a long life. And today we will talk about some common abnormal and irregularities in JS series concrete mixer machines.

Overloading work makes shaft rotate slowly
If the working load is serious exceeding the normal load that the concrete mixer machine could bear, it will cause that the mixing shaft will gradually stop running. In order to solve such problem, the operator shall adjust the volume of the feeding material and decrease the load to make the shafts rotate regularly.

Loose motor belt resulted in insufficient driving power
When the belt looses, it might cause the shaft stop running, even if the feeding materials do not exceed the working load. To cope with it, it first turns off the concrete mixer. Then, to check and inspect the tension device and fasten the belt.

Next time we will continue to talk about the abnormal and irregularities of the JS series concrete mixer machines from the other aspects. And our engineers will give solutions.

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