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Common Accidents of Rolling Concrete Mixer Machine

Submitted by Cynthia,10/15/2013
There are many items for concrete mixer users to pay attention to when applying the rolling concrete mixer machine. Taking care of these matters not only be helpful to the normal using concrete mixer, but also will contribute to the safety in the process of using rolling concrete mixer machine.

The followings are the summary of common accidents of rolling concrete mixer machine and their corresponding solutions.

Firstly, let me introduce common accidents of rolling concrete mixer in the process of using:

1, Rolling concrete mixer has problems in the installing and protective devices, thus bringing security threats to the operating personnels.

2, Electricity applying on the construction site is insecure and there is electricity leakage phenomenon, thereby causing electric shock accidents.

3, Operating personnels violate operating regulations and illegally operate, thus causing personal injuries.

Secondly, according to the common accidents, rolling concrete mixer manufacturers several precautions to avoid these accidents:

1, Concrete mixer should be installed on flat place and the installation of concrete mixer need be stable and firm.

2, Before using rolling concrete mixer, firstly inspect whether the isolation and ground connection of electric apparatus is good or not and whether the protective device of belt pulley.

3, Before feeding materials, concrete mixer users need start up the concrete mixer to carry out test run. Begin to feed and mix materials when the concrete mixer machine is in normal operation.

4, The hopper should be equipped with safety hook. Users need hang the safety hook when lifting hopper or stopping the rolling concrete mixer.

People are not allowed to stand under the hopper of concrete mixer and non operating personnels are prohibited to move concrete mixer.

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