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Why Clients Pay Attention to Concrete Mixer Machine Price

Submitted by Cynthia,10/09/2012
If there is an order offers 500 RMB for a concrete mixer. It is impossible, for it costs 1000 RMB only for a electric motor. It is not a pity to lose such order, it is impossible to meet his need. Today, let us discuss concrete mixer machine price.

On the subject of high quality or low price, there are commonly two opinion. The first one is quality is the lifeline of a enterprise, products without good quality do not have the priority in the market. However, products with good quality may cost a little more. The other opinion is that customers usually concern much about price. Some sale men share that during the negotiations or communications with clients, they care much about the price rather than the description of the products. For the fierce competition, they always lose order for the high price.

From the above opinions, it seems that there is a contradiction between quality and price.Actually, those two opinions are reasonable, but why there is contradiction?

Although every enterprise knows that the importance of the quality and they really concerns the quality. However, the requirements of quality vary for different enterprises' marketing positioning is different. And the concrete mixer machine price is not only determines by the quality but there are many other factors.

Market is like a big cake, there are variety of customers with different consumption level. As long as the customers exist, the product with the very price can take a  place in the market. As salesmen, when they face the question about quality or price that raised by customers,they must concern whether the price offered by customers complies with the quality of the product. If the price is suitable, we can reach the order smoothly. If the price is far lower, never mind, we can not sell.

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