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Concrete Mixer Machines in Transport Industry

Submitted by Cynthia,10/08/2012

We have a close partnership with transport industry, the concrete mixer machines are essential to the constructions of road, subway, light rail and cable car.

Firms within the Subway, Light Rail and Cable Car Transport industry in China provide local and suburban public transportation services with right of way. These services are separated from other street traffic and provide a regular timetable for passengers. The four most common means of transportation provided are subways, light rail, tram cars and cable cars. Therefore the need of concrete mixer machines arise in recent years.

Not only for transport industry, concrete mixer machines are also applied to precast concrete plant, water and power station, civil projects, airport construction and so on. For different projects, there are specific mixers with different sizes and functions.
Pioneer concrete mixer company offers the following products

JZC series gear type concrete mixer:  JZC250, JZC350, JZC500, JZC300T,JZC350T
JZM friction type concrete mixer:  JZM350, JZM500
JS electric concrete mixer:  JS500, JS750, JS1000, JS1500, JS2000, JS3000, JS4000
JSII horizontal type concrete mixer: JS500II, JS750II, JS1000II, JS1500II, JS2000II, JS3000II, JS4000II
JZD automatic promotion concrete mixer: JZD300, JZD350, JZD300T, JZD350T
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