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Double Shaft Forced Concrete Mixer Operating Rules

Submitted by Cynthia,01/31/2013
What are double shaft forced concrete mixer operating rules? The mixing system of concrete batching plant generally adopts double shaft forced concrete mixer. Standard operation of concrete mixer is directly related to concrete batching plant's efficiency.
The specific double shaft forced concrete mixer operating rules are as follows:
  1. Check before using concrete mixer
Check whether the operation is flexible. Inspect whether the vibrator and drum operation are functioning properly. If found any fault, notify the electrical team to deal with it.
  1. Do not feed material too much at one time and feed material according to the ratio. Pay attention to the water cement ratio. A stirring time shall not be less than a minute, and normally the ready mixed concrete should be very thick, like porridge.
  2. Having professional staffs to drive concrete mixer. Drivers should be familiar with operating principles. If found any fault, they should stop working immediately and check.
  3. Cherish the electrical part and protect cables to prevent damage.
  4. Level up concrete mixer. Do not stand under the hopper to prevent accidents.
  5. After working, timely clean up the drum and outside mortar by using water.
  6. Implement the shift seriously and explain the previous operating situation of concrete mixer and matters needed attention clearly.
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