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Concrete Mixer Safe Production

Submitted by Cynthia,04/22/2013

Concrete mixer safe production is crucial to the construction sites and workers’ life safety.

Users must strengthen production safety management during concrete mixer production process and prevent safety accidents occurrence in the production process and guarantee the staff safety and company property safety. In addition, concrete mixer safe production will promote the production efficiency and safety work.

In order to achieve concrete mixer safe production, users must stick to “Safety First, Prevention First” as administrative policy to concrete mixer safe production.

Pioneer Machinery Co., Ltd reminds users of correctly operating concrete mixer during the production process, which will effectively coordinate concrete batching plant to better work and reduce accidents.

The followings are some matters need attention during concrete mixer production:

Firstly, users need check every circuit of concrete mixer and make sure they are at good conditions.

Secondly, users should regularly check whether the clutch, brake and lifter are flexible and reliable, whether the track is at good condition and the wirerope has break. After confirming the concrete mixer is at good working condition by trial running, then users can use concrete mixer.

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