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Concrete Mixer Security Hidden Danger

Submitted by Cynthia,03/19/2013
Concrete mixer security hidden danger is the existence of a problem which will not disappear with the concrete mixer development.

It is just possible to control concrete mixer security hidden as far as to a minimum. It is a kind of ideal state to have no hidden danger.

The maximum security hidden danger exists in the hoisting drum concrete mixer, such as JZM series of friction drum concrete mixer, JZC series hoisting drum concrete mixer and ladder climbing drum concrete mixer. During these concrete mixers are working, there is forbidden for people to walk through the hoisting hopper. The mixing speed of concrete mixer is 14 revolutions per minute, so it is prohibited for users to put his hand and head into the mixing drum. After using concrete mixer, concrete mixer must be fully lowered with the hopper into the pit and cut off the power.

For safe use of concrete mixer, users should pay more attention to these concrete mixer security hidden dangers and take good security measures.
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