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Requirements of concrete mixing plant on electrical system

Submitted by Anne,02/04/2015
When the concrete mixing plant is working, the electrical system must keep up with the working process of concrete mixing, so the performance requirements of the electrical system is also very high, what are the specific requirements? Now we will introduce to you.
1. When the concrete mixing plant is working, the whole work process of the electrical control system can realize the automatic control, that is to say, the production field of concrete mixing plant didn't need many management personnel , but it still can complete the whole production process;
2. When the weighing system of concrete mixing plant didn't have the zero output, the electrical control system can automatically tare, modified gap. And for the single kind of material weighing, it must have the buckle repair function, which can more effectively control the measurement accuracy, and must have the light alarm device;
3. The electrical control system can realize the convenient input, convenient operation, and can accurately adjust and modify the set number of various materials; And the electrical control system must have perfect self-locking and interlocking functions, which can ensure that the system has an accurate and reliable operation. What's more, for the common fault, the electric control system must have fault detection and alarm function.
4. Sometimes, the concrete mixing plant also needs to work at night, so the lamp is necessary, and the lamp is also a part of electric control system. Therefore, the electrical control system needs to ensure the flexible control of lamp.
If the performance of the electric control system in concrete mixing plant can achieve the above points, which means that the performance is very good.


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