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Concrete Mixing System

Submitted by Cynthia,10/19/2012
Hey, glad to browse this article. You may search many information about the price, performance, parameter or even pictures. However, how much do you know about the concrete mixing system of a concrete mixer?
If you really know little about it, please follow my article.
Firstly, we should know various units and processes with independent functions are included in the concrete mixing system. What is the function of such control system. Well, next time we will talk about it. You may ask me "are you kidding". Do not worry, let us back to the topic.

The control system is to ensure a safe mixing operation. It controls the on/off of the canopy of the machine and the engine. It is necessary to control the indirect drive of the drum. Nowadays, most of concrete mixers are equipped with consistency measurement device, in addition, the mixing system includes microwave sensor and temperature sensor to measure the humidity. Our best seller product JS concrete mixer is equipped the most advanced control system.With concrete performance so dependent on accurate water measurement, systems will often use moisture probes to measure the amount of water that is part of the aggregate (sand and rock) material while it is being weighed, and then automatically compensate the mix design water target.
There are two steps in weighing water. Firstly, weighs by a batcher with two control valves, then through flowmeter get a precise valve.
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