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Construction Mixer Cooperative Production

Submitted by Cynthia,06/27/2013
As everyone knows that building projects cannot do without construction mixer cooperative production

As the concrete production output, construction mixer is is the necessary equipment. Because of many characteristics of construction mixer, it can be applied on a variety of engineering construction sites. Construction  mixer is a kind of production equipment that needs cooperation of other parts. So construction mixer users need make reasonable adjustment and arrangement to the construction mixer installation in view of actual situation. The advice we give is to improve construction mixer according to its own characteristics.

Construction mixer cooperative production are as followings:

(1) concrete treatment
Concrete management apparatus should include concrete silo, concrete measuring scale and proportioning screw. Construction mixer also can be equipped with air filter to automatically remove dust in the air by using vibration theory.

(2) water measurement
Water is firstly weighed by measuring scale with two control valves, then is accurately measured by the parallel type flowmeter.

(3) aggregate transportation
Aggregate is measured by the strain sensor conveyor on belt of batching machine.

(4)auxiliary materials adding
Concrete is produced according to the specific requirements of different applications, so characteristics of concrete are not the same. Nowadays, it is difficult to imagine not to add any ingredients in the concrete production process. These small quantity of auxiliary materials are mainly added by using pumps and metering scales.

(5)control system
The control system of concrete mixer is mainly used to make sure safe and reliable mixing operation. The control system mainly control motor and cover closing mechanism of concrete mixer. The indirect drive control is also controlled by the control system. Today, most of construction mixers are equipped with microwave sensor and temperature sensor.

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