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The Core Technology of Twin Shaft Concrete Mixer

Submitted by Cynthia,08/02/2013

The mixing system plays the most important role whether it is for concrete mixer or concrete batching plant. The core technology of twin shaft concrete mixer exists in the mixing system. The quality and process characteristics of the mixing system can directly affect production efficiency, quality, maintenance and other aspects of concrete mixer.

From the research and development perspective of concrete mixer, we can see that the mixing system is continuously improved. In addition,  concrete mixer classifications is connected with the mixing system.

With the increased demand of industrial construction development, the traditional concrete mixer can not keep up with the speed of production. Compulsory concrete mixer is gradually used in large-scale concrete mixing plant. Twin shaft concrete mixer can effectively solve the problem of urban construction demand for concrete. Forced type concrete mixer is featured by unique mixing system. Nowadays, foreign and domestic concrete machinery manufacturers put twin shaft concrete mixer as the focus of research and development.

As for install concrete mixer, the installation of twin shaft concrete mixer is very important.

1. Make sure the installing ground is neat and smooth. Make concrete foundation at places where will install supporting legs.

2. Lift twin shaft concrete mixer by using crane, install the supporting legs, supporting leg brace and inclined strut. Then put the twin shaft concrete mixer in place and install sliding rail and climbing ladder. When installing twin shaft concrete mixer, users should pay attention to keeping the frame in the same horizontal plane and the track is not allowed to be misplaced.
twin shaft concrete mixer


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