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Correctly Use Diesel Portable Cement Mixer

Submitted by Cynthia,08/22/2013
Diesel portable cement mixer belongs to advanced concrete mixer. Diesel portable cement mixer can use diesel or electricity to work, which makes diesel concrete mixer the most suitable concrete mixer on construction sites where there is no electricity supply or short of electricity. How to correctly use diesel portable cement mixer?

The followings are some suggestions to correctly use diesel portable cement mixer:

Diesel concrete mixer generally uses diesel to work. So, before working, concrete mixer users must insist on inspecting diesel oil box of diesel concrete mixer to see whether there is enough oil. Concrete mixer users should ensure there is adequate oil in the diesel oil box.

If users find there is not enough oil in the diesel oil box, they need timely add diesel oil. Do not need stop the diesel concrete mixer, but concrete mixer users need pay attention to the safety problem.
Concrete mixer users should regularly clean up the diesel oil box and replace the diesel oil.

Users also need always check the bolts and screws on the diesel oil box to see whether they are loose. If loose, timely repair and tighten them. In addition, users also need check whether the welding of diesel oil box is solid.

It is necessary to make a test run before using new diesel concrete mixer. Pay attention to the sound of concrete mixer to see whether the sound is normal. At the same time, make sure the mixing drum and mixing blades are intact.

6. When diesel concrete mixer is working, operators are not allowed to put head or tools into the mixing drum.

7. After using concrete mixer, clean up diesel concrete mixer in time.  The lid of diesel oil box need be closed during cleaning diesel concrete mixer to avoid water going into the diesel oil box, thus affecting the concentration of diesel oil.

8. Diesel oil box is crucial to diesel portable concrete mixer. So users  should keep diesel oil box clean, at the same time, they need often do derusting and anticorrosion work to diesel oil box.
diesel portable cement mixer

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