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Correctly Use Mobile Diesel Concrete Mixer

Submitted by Cynthia,09/09/2013
Mobile diesel concrete mixer is driven by diesel or electricity. Mobile diesel concrete mixer can be easily disassembled and transported. Mobile diesel concrete mixer is the best choice for construction sites where there is shortage of power supply. How to correctly use mobile diesel concrete mixer?

1. Diesel concrete mixer generally uses diesel to work. Before using mobile diesel concrete mixer, users must insist on checking the diesel box to see whether there is enough oil. Users should make sure that there is adequate oil in the diesel oil box before each using.

2. If the diesel oil is not enough in the process of using, users should timely add diesel oil. Do not need stop the diesel concrete mixer when adding oil, but concrete mixer users must be careful.

3. Concrete mixer users should always clean up diesel oil box and replace the diesel oil;

4. Users should always check the screw and bolt of diesel tank to see whether they are loose. If loose, timely fasten and repair them. At the same time, users also need check the welding of diesel tank to see whether it is solid;

5. Before using new diesel concrete mixer, users need make a test run and pay attention to the sound of diesel concrete mixer to see whether it is normal. At the same time, users need make sure the mixing drum and the mixing blades are intact;

6. After diesel concrete mixer finishing work, users should timely clean up diesel concrete mixer with water. At the same time, users need close the lid of diesel tank to avoid water going into the diesel tank and affecting the concentration of diesel;

7. Diesel tank is important to diesel concrete mixer. Users should keep diesel tank clean. At the same time, users also need often clean rust and do anticorrosion work.

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