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Development of Simple Cement Mixer

Submitted by Cynthia,10/31/2013

Simple cement mixer manufacturers need promote the development of new technology and technics. At the same time, concrete mixer manufacturers should enhance the standard of products and R&D investment.

The nation should guide key enterprises which have advanced scientific research and technology. Enterprises need transform the results of independent innovation into the standard to promote the development of new technology and new technics, which will play an important role to boost the development of concrete mixer equipment industry.

Concrete mixer manufacturers should transform a number of new concrete products and new technology into standards to reduce costs and improve efficiency and optimize the functions of concrete machineries, which will also make new products and new technologies quickly be recognized by the market and promote the progress of the industry.

Zhengzhou Pioneer Machinery Co., Ltd will make efforts to develop  energy-saving and consumption-reducing concrete mixers to promote the structual adjustment. In reducing energy consumption, Pioneer vigorously develop concrete mixers with small flow resistance and small wear and tear. In the power-saving, the focus lies the electric apparatus of concrete mixer. Pioneer controls energy consumption of electric apparatus by selecting electric motor with low energy consumption and low noise and improving the structure of electric devices.

Our natural resources are limited, so it is one of development directions for concrete mixer industry to set standards on water, electricity and materials conservation. Accelerate the elimination of concrete mixers with low efficiency and high energy consumption. Adjust the industrial structure, promote the development and application of new technology and new products. For saving material, concrete mixer producers need study new materials and use new materials instead of metal materials to save steel and precious metals.

Drum concrete mixer, forced type concrete mixer and concrete batching plants made by Zhengzhou Pioneer Machinery Co., Ltd adopts new technics, which improves abrasive resistance and corrosion resistance of concrete equipments and greatly prolong the service life of equipments and plays a positive role in protecting environment.
forced type concrete mixer



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