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Electric Bucket Mixer Daily Maintenance

Submitted by Cynthia,12/11/2013
Electric bucket mixer is an important part of concrete batching plant. So electric bucket mixer daily maintenance plays an important role to the normal performance of concrete batching plant.

Here are some advices about electric bucket mixer daily maintenance:

Before starting up concrete mixer, users need carry out routine inspection to surrounding environment, fastening bolts, oil leakage situation, soundness of cable to make sure the normal performance of electric bucket mixer.

After running for 10 munites, check the temperature of each rotating part. Inspect whether the vibration and noise of electric concrete mixer are normal.

If there is oil leakage situation, take care of two parts: oil seal of quick-wear parts and air outlet. Check whether the oil seal is worn or deformed. Make sure the air outlet be not blocked up. Clean up deposited dust, oil contamination and sundries. Ensure air outlet unblocked.

Regularly replace lubricating oil.

It is not necessary to repair the mixing drum if there is no special cases, but users need maintain the mixing drum. Maintain the mixing drum every 6 months without disassembling internal parts of the drum. Maintain the drum every 1 year with disassembling and cleaning up bearings, barrel, gear and other components.

Regularly check the level of oil to make sure it meet the requirement, thus ensuring the normal work of electric drum concrete mixer.

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