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Electric Concrete Mixer Correct Usage after Installation

Submitted by Cynthia,05/06/2013
There is a run-in period after electric concrete mixer installation. So electric concrete mixer correct usage after installation to make sure abnormal runing and reduce failure rate is crucial.

How to correctly use electric concrete mixer after installation? Part of concrete mixer users lack using common sense or achieve short-term benefits, so they will neglect some matters needing attention for new electric concrete mixer correct usage after installation.

Only electric concrete mixer correct usage can prolong its service life and bring good profit to users.

Quick wear speed, poor lubrication, loosening, leakage and mistaken operation are common problems during the run-in period. In order to reduce the negtive effects of these problems to electric concrete mixer, users should avoid concrete mixer overwork and appearing overheating performance. In addition, users also need check every part of electric concrete mixer and timely adjust and tighten the loosen parts. Keep electric concrete mixer clean. Lubricate every lubricating point before using electric concrete mixer.

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