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Electric Driven Concrete Mixers Cleaning

Submitted by Cynthia,12/19/2013

Electric driven concrete mixers cleaning will be introduced in this article.

In recent years, with the development of economy, the construction industry has made a spurt of progress. The new rural construction, the old city reconstruction, roads, bridges and other constructions promote the development of concrete machinery. Concrete is one of the main raw material of engineering construction. Electric driven concrete mixer becomes the first choice of construction workers and has a wide range of applications.

What factors should users take care of in cleaning concrete mixer:
First, users should regularly maintain concrete mixer. Assign professional staffs to clean, lubricate and fuel concrete mixer.

Second, before starting up cement mixer, check whether each of controller is intact. After using concrete mixer, pour water and cobble to mixing drum to run for 10~15 minutes to clean, then discharge the water and cobble. When cleaning the electric driven concrete mixer, cut off the power supply and demount the fuse protector and users must lock up the switch box.

Third, do not clout the mixing drum with mash hammer. Remove the residual concrete by using chisel.

Fourth, in the winter; after the end of the work, users should promptly clean up mixing drum. At the same time, drain the water from water pump, water tank, water pipe from being frozen.

Make sure electric concrete mixer being placed at places where there is awning in order to avoid the rain. If conditions are limited, users can apply waterproof cloth to protect concrete mixer. Concrete mixer maintenance is a persistent work and users can not neglect it. Concrete mixer maintenance is very important, which not only can effectively improve the production efficiency, reduce the later maintenance work, but also can prolong the service life of concrete mixer.

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