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Engineering Concrete Mixer Innovation

Submitted by Cynthia,06/06/2013

Engineering concrete mixer innovation should pay attention to developing corrosion resistant concrete mixer with low energy consumption.

Concrete mixer has appeared and been used in many places according to the special usage situations in China. The construction development around the country are carried out simultaneously. Concrete mixer is widely applied due to the performance and production characteristics and high working efficiency of concrete mixer. Especially for the highway, railway, water conservancy and other engineering constructions, concrete mixer is largely demanded, which will greatly improve the development of concrete mixer, especially the engineering concrete mixer.

Some types of concrete mixers can be conveniently moved and operated, which can meet the requirements of special engineering constructions. We can imagine that places where generally need concrete mixer equipment, the operating environment basically belongs to the construction area and these areas are not generally formally developed and the environment is relatively bad. Concrete mixer will be seriously worn in aeolian environment and high temperature environment. Which will make concrete mixer cannot well complete concrete production and shorten the service life of concrete mixer.

For quite serious working conditions, the general configuration of concrete mixer mixer gradually can not keep up with the concrete production requirements and can not be applied for a long period of time. This is a fatal weakness for concrete mixer equipment, but the construction of social development will improve concrete mixer. A new type of concrete mixer is needed to cope with more complex environment. So as for the future R&D of concrete mixer, especially the engineering concrete mixer, concrete mixer manufacturers should focus on developing  corrosion resistant concrete mixer with low energy consumption.

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