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Function of Self-loading Concrete Mixer

Submitted by Cynthia,09/29/2012

Hello, some people may puzzled what is concrete mixer exactly and how to find a concrete mixer supplier, today we will take self-loading concrete mixer as an example to discuss from the perspective of the functions. The more information you know about mixing machinery, the easier you purchase a quality mixer for sale with competitive price.

Self-loading concrete mixer is characterized by a long loading chute at the top of the mixer. Through the chute the aggregates are funneled into the drum to be mixed. Additionally, the chute can be applied to change the angle, which depends on the position of the drum. Blades are in the drum. The drum is rotated by the hydraulic gear or other motor that runs the main engine. The mixture of cement, aggregates and water turning and rolling along with the rotating of the drum. When the drum is rotating reversedly, the concrete could get out of the drum. Comparing with mixing the cement by hand, it is quite laborious.

Moreover, when the mixing work done, it shall flush the machine with thoroughly. If not clean the drum on time, the cement hardens, it is not easy to remove the dry cement. For the clean methods in detail, please refer to the previous article.  

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