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High Intensity Cement Mixer Machine

Submitted by Cynthia,01/27/2014

JS concrete mixer is featured by higher mixing efficiency and it belongs to high intensity cement mixer machine. JS concrete mixer is widely applied in the construction site and used to produce concrete. JS forced type concrete mixer not only can improve the mixing efficiency, but also reduce the pollution of concrete raw materials. So JS high intensity cement mixer machine is one popular construction equipment.

In addition, JS compulsory concrete mixer has such advantages as small investment, quick returns, simple operation, uniform mixing effect, so compulsory concrete mixers have received trust from majority of users. 

As for forced type concrete mixer, mixing blades are installed on the rotating arm in mixing drum. Under the strong mixing, materials in forced type concrete mixer form interspersed interflow of materials. Compared with self-falling concrete mixer, compulsory concrete mixer has intense mixing effect. Forced type concrete mixer is suitably to mix dry concrete.

Maintenance and protection of forced type concrete mixer:

1. Clean forced type cement mixer, wipe out feculency and obstacles eliminate.

2. Check lubricating oil at each lubricating point, circuit and control equipment, and add lubricating oil according to the demand.

3. Before using concrete mixer, add water to mixing barrel for idle running for 1-- 2 minutes, check the operating reliability of the clutch and brake equipment.

4. During operating forced type concrete mixer, users should always check whether the noise of motor, reducer and gear is normal and whether the temperature is too high. Otherwise, adjust immediately.

5. After using concrete mixer, carefully clean the mixer.

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