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High Temperature of Concrete Mixer Reducer

Submitted by Cynthia,02/01/2013
How to deal with high temperature of concrete mixer reducer?
What makes concrete mixer reducer produce high temperature? During the production process, if the viscosity of lubricating oil is too high or too low, the temperature of concrete mixer reducer will become higher. Under that situation, the bearing load of concrete mixer will get larger and friction intensifying, thus generating a lot of heat.
The viscosity of lubricating oil being too high or too low will increase the reducer operating load. Too high lubricating oil viscosity and poor mobility, resulting in operating load increases, which will produce a large part of heat to increase the reducer temperature.
In contrast, if lubricating oil viscosity is too low, the lubricating effect can not be reached. Thus increasing operation friction between the concrete mixer components and parts. Reducer need to  overcome the friction to work, which will also produce a large part of heat to increase the reducer temperature. If the lubricating oil viscosity is not suit, users should use new oil with suitable viscosity.
To sum up, the factors that leading to the high temperature of   concrete mixer reducer is lubricating oil viscosity being too high or too low. As long as replacing suitable viscosity oil can users solve this problem.
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