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How to lubricate mobile concrete mixer

Submitted by Cynthia,01/18/2013
Hi, today we will talk about something about lubricate mobile concrete mixer.

It shall lubricate agitator shaft end seal in accordance with the provisions in every host startup or oil it regularly, to ensure long-term normal operation;
The rotation of wheel and rail shall be add oil on time.

The mixing drum of mobile concrete mixer is running smoothly, and there is no loose phenomenon for lining plate, blade.If there is damage to some of the components, it shall timely replace the damaged parts.When the lining plate, blade, stirring arm is worn to a certain degree or can not be adjusted, it shall replace them in time.

Timely and regular cleaning the inner wall of the concrete mixer, when the concrete is sticky and thick, it not only reduces the volume of the mixer, sticking concrete will also accelerate the speed.

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