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How to Select Perfect Cement Mixer

Submitted by Cynthia,06/13/2013

How to select perfect cement mixer for application?

Nowadays, in the construction industry, cement mixer has become an indispensable important equipment. Concrete mixers have been more and more widely used in the infrastructure projects. For many users who get in touch with concrete mixer for the first time lack of experience on how to identify the quality of the cement mixer. In addition, they do not know how to select perfect cement mixer. By reading this article and just memorize the following several points, then purchasing a perfect cement mixer is no longer a problem.

Firstly, concrete mixer users need to know the several main components that made up of cement mixer. When buying concrete mixer, users can start with these parts, as long as these parts do not have quality problems, then the quality of cement mixer is able to be ensured. Concrete mixer users can judge from the following aspects:

1. Belt conveyor, bucket type lifter should have smooth transmission, flexible operation, no abnormal noise;
2. Metering system inspection is also very important. Concrete mixer need to check the sensitivity and accuracy of metering system;

3. The cement tank should be qualified; matching circuit installation should be reasonable, the installation of equipment should be right.

4. The safety valve of concrete mixer should not have leakage phenomenon; transmission system operation should be flexible and have no abnormal sound;
5. Feeding and discharging of weighing hopper should be smooth and have no accumulated material and flash phenomenon;

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