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Hydraulic Type Concrete Mixer Operation

Submitted by Cynthia,10/18/2013
At present, a variety of concrete mixers are in the market, like rolling self-falling concrete mixer, friction self-falling concrete mixer, single horizontal shaft compulsory concrete mixer, twin horizontal shaft compulsory concrete mixer. In addition, there is hydraulic type concrete mixer.

The followings are the operating steps of hydraulic type concrete mixer:

1. Check the tightness of all parts and fasten the bolts of all parts.
2. Inspect whether there is oil at each oil filler.

3. Open the valve at the bottom of hydraulic oil tank.
4. Turn off the power switch of control cabinet.

5. Close down the hydraulic switch. 
6. Connect the power supply. 

7. Turn on the switch of control cabinet.
8. Turn on the hydraulic switch and look whether the rotation direction of hydraulic motor is the same as the direction of arrow. If the directions are not the same, then the circuit is linked in the negative direction. Turn off the power and adjust.

9. Control the lifter of hydraulic legs and adjust the hydraulic leg to stabilize the concrete mixer. ( common landing legs must be used during the operation and hydraulic legs does not be necessarily applied)
10. Install unloader and unloader rope. (rope must pass the pulley which is at the top of ladder)

11. Control the lifter of hydraulic.
12. Install the diagonal tie and the lowest short pieces, fasten the bolts.

14. Control the direction switch of companion ladder and install straining beam according to the required stretching height.
15. Installation the water pipes.

16. Carry out test run without loading. Check whether the installation is reasonable. If there is no problem, concrete mixer users then can start up concrete mixer to produce concrete. Hydraulic type concrete mixer is working in the environment where there is lots of mortar. In order to ensure the stability of concrete mixer, reduce wear and tear, concrete mixer users need timely lubricate the concrete mixer.
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