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Inspection for JZC350 Portable Concrete Mixer

Submitted by Cynthia,01/24/2013
Some users ask about what items of preparation and inspection work for JZC350 portable concrete mixer. Today, we will discuss this problem with our engineers.
Check the power supply voltage, rated voltage 380V, the voltage fluctuation range is 340-410V. Otherwise, it shall damage or affect the normal operation of portable concrete mixer or its parts;

Check whether the motor wiring and electrical components are secure and grounding is reliable. In order to ensure safety, users shall install leakage protective device in the power distribution board, and then connect the power;

Pull out the dipstick lubricating oil check gearbox whether it is good, supplement and replace it if necessary;

Connect the water supply, it must be placed in a bucket and near the pump. Connect the suction valve, pump, water pipes and pumps as a whole, and the suction valve is arranged in the bucket;

Check the connection bolt fastening parts, especially the connecting bolt of the transmission components, if it looses should be tightened;

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