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How to Install Concrete Mixer

Submitted by Cynthia,07/31/2013

How to install concrete mixer?

As for forced type concrete mixer, there are some installation notes:

1, The installation site should be neat and smooth and has solid foundation.
2, Hoist concrete mixer by using crane and install four supporting legs. Connect steel angle, bracing, ladder stand and install the track. Then put the concrete mixer into the pit. When installing concrete mixer, keep the concrete mixer at the same level. The track frame should not be skew and be wrongly placed.

3, When install concrete mixer, concrete mixer users should consider the electrical source, source of water, rainproof measuree, transport corridors and other supporting measures of construction site.

For drum electric cement mixer, the installation notes are as followings:

1, Put the discharging end of concrete mixer toward the wall and stablize concrete mixer and tighten the bolts.

2. The capacity of cement mixer is relatively small, so generally it is not necessary to make foundation for concrete mixer. However, users need use flat and firm wood to support electric cement mixer to reduce vibration and shaking in the process of production and prolong the service life of concrete mixer. As for fixed concrete mixer with large capacity, concrete mixer users need carry out foundational design and installation according to instructions and specifications.

Since the centre of gravity of drum electric concrete mixer is partial to the inlet side, when installing concrete mixer, the inlet side is allowed to be a little higher in order to facilitate the discharge. For the convenience of feeding, concrete mixer users should make full use of the terrain to set up a feeding stage.
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