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Instructions in Mixing Cement with a Mixer

Submitted by Cynthia,09/18/2012
It is quick and easy to mix cement with a cement mixer instead by hand. Just a type of small cement mixer could help you get good cement mixture in a most effective way by exerting little force. Here we will give you some instructions when you mix cement for house building or for any other purpose.

The first step is to open the bag of concrete and empty the contents into the cement mixer. Here please pay attention to some tips and warnings. In order not to spill any concrete mix, such step shall be done gently. Moreover, be sure of the number of bags you can add at one time. Commonly, it depend on the size of the cement mixer you use.

Secondly, wet the cement with water. Then, turn on the mixer and continue to add water while the mixer is running. After a few minutes, stop adding water and tumble the mixture around in the machine.
Thirdly, let the mixture mix without water in a few seconds and turn off the mixer. If you get the mixture is mostly stick together, congratulations, that is the perfect consistency that you are looking for.

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