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Lift Cement Mixer Daily Application Notice

Submitted by Cynthia,01/22/2014

On the basis of rolling cement mixer, Zhengzhou Pioneer Machinery Co., Ltd designs and manufactures lift cement mixer.

There are electric lift cement mixer and diesel lift concrete mixer. The ladder of lift cement mixer can be as high as 18m and it is applicable and suitable for small-sized house building and higher buildings.
Using lift cement mixer can save manpower.

How to maintain lift cement mixer and the followings are some lift cement mixer daily application notices:

1. When the materials being lifted, people are not allowed to walk under the ladder to avoid the occurrence of safety accidents;

2. People who are not operation staffs or maintenance personnels are not allowed to climb on the ladder of the concrete mixer;

3. Regularly check the ladder in routine use. If need to lift the ladder, users must be careful;

4. After using lift cement mixer, users must clean the mixing drum, at the same time, check the mixing blades and cylinder wall;

5. There is wire rope above the material feeding hopper, users must check whether the wire rope is still solid. If wire rope gets rusty, please timely treat the problem;

6. There is a pulley above the ladder. The pulley also plays an important role, so users should protect the pulley and regularly replace lubricant and clean the pulley;

7. Users need always check the ladder, prevent colliding with ladder and avoid the ladder being rusted;

Zhengzhou Pioneer Machinery Co., Ltd is one professional concrete machinery manufacturer with 25-year manufacturing experience and 20-year exporting experience.
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