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An analysis of the main engine of concrete mixing plant

Submitted by Anne,11/26/2014
The main engine of concrete mixing plant mainly is JS series of double horizontal concrete mixer, the structure of concrete mixing plant is as follows:
(1)   The mixing barrel section of the concrete mixer is an inverted "Ω" shape, and the structure is compact, the stiffness and strength is sufficient. So it can ensure the normal operation of the mixer. The welding processing of the stirring cylinder  all use the  whole annealing treatment, therefore, it prevents the stress deformation  after welding , guarantee the service life of the whole machine. Lining plate, the blade material for wear-resistant alloy cast iron or high manganese steel, analysis of reasonable structure design, the finite element analysis of the fluid mechanics, the analyses tell us that it has long service life.
(2)   The mixing arms arrangement of the mixing system of the concrete mixer is usually in the form of  "45 degree", "60 degrees", "90 degrees" and other various forms, in this case, the materials can be mixed fully. In addition, it has many advantages, such as the high mixing efficiency, short mixing time, good homogeneity of concrete, and high-usage of cement etc..
(3)   The proprietary axis end seal structure and the automatic lubricating system of concrete mixer lubricating system, not only reduce the cost of utilization of grease, grease, but also reduce the influence on the performance of concrete. Reliable, durable brand automatic lubrication system. The user can choose different oiling forms according to the need of different materials and the working environment. The oiling forms are divided into continuous type grease oiling, intermittent oiling and manual oiling and other forms.
(4)   The drive system of concrete mixer is a cycloid type driving structure.  The system is made of a cycloid pin wheel reducer which is used the transmission principle of K-H-V planetary and the open gear transmission form. And it has good mechanical performance, long service life, strong overload capacity, impact resistance, high performance price ratio, easy repair and other characteristics. Shaft mounted drive structure, and the system adopts the advanced European bevel gear planetary reducer (or domestic brand bevel gear planetary reducer), then two stirring shaft to rotate through a spline shaft drives. It has stable transmission, convenient installation, low noise, compact structure, overload protection, transmission efficiency and other characteristics.
(5)   The inner shaft end seal is made of special wear resistant material of the labyrinth seal, intermediate with a plurality of special rubber ring and the pressurizing outer oil protection, a floating sealing ring and a rubber sealing ring, which can effectively prevent the occurrence of leakage phenomenon. And the isolation zone of about 100 mm is arranged between the bearing seat and the shaft end sealing. In this case, the leakage concrete slurry and the bearing are completely isolated, and effectively prolong the service life of the key parts of the shaft end.
(6) JS series of concrete mixer adopts the forced mixer with double horizontal shafts, which has good mixing quality, simple operation, fast erection and other advantages. With manual control, lifting hopper feeding way, whose occupied area is very small. What's more, the lifting rail is equipped with the travel switch of Schneider Inc or Siemens Company, which ensures the work reliability. The feeding frame upper is connected by bolt, and it can be folded during transportation, so as to reduce the transportation height. Electrical components adopts the rail installation whoso control system performance is reliable, operation and repair are convenient. Equipped with 1.5m, 2m and 3.8m three kinds of unloading height for the user choice. For the well mixed concrete, it can select the motor dump trucks or concrete stirring transport vehicle material receiving and conveying pump direct way to use. Strong mobility, transfer quickly, particularly suitable for small and medium-sized construction.

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