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Maintenance of twin shaft concrete mixer (II)

Submitted by Cynthia,12/05/2012

Hi, there, today we will continue to discuss maintenance of twin shaft concrete mixer.

The nebulizer installation of forced type concrete mixer is according to the different angles of discharge volumes. The variation of mixing blades angles ranging from 12°—21°.

Before installation of twin shaft concrete mixer, first to find a leveling foundation. In addition, the discharge gate shall be bulky and vertical in order to ensure the unimpeded discharging. When the cement mixer running in normal stage, clear and maintain it while every work done and lubricate the bearings. In the first two months, it shall clean the reducer and change its oil, then take this job every six months.

The owners pay attention to maintenance of twin shaft concrete mixer can maximize the normal operation and prolong its serve life, so as to create greater value.

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