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Matters in Cleaning Concrete Mixer

Submitted by Cynthia,01/28/2013
Users need pay attention to some matters in cleaning concrete mixer.
With the rapid development of recent years, the new rural construction, the old city transformation and other development, roads, bridges and housing construction is booming. So concrete mixer is becomimg an ideal equipment on building sites as concrete is being the most important material for the construction.
Comparied with bridge erecting machine and crane, concrete mixer maintenance is relatively easy. While it also should not be underestimated. Perhaps a small detail will directly influence the usage of concrete mixer , such as concrete mixer cleaning.
There are some matters in cleaning concrete mixer that users must pay attention to:
  1. Take periodic maintenance under the maintenance procedure, such as cleaning, lubricating and refueling.
  2. Check whether each part is good before mixing. Put water and stone into the stirring barrel to clean for 10~15 minutes, then pour the water and stone out.
3. In the cold season, users need release the water in water pump, water tank and water pipe so as to avoid water pump, water tank and pipes being frozen.
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