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Matters Need Attention to Concrete Cement Mixer Production

Submitted by Cynthia,06/04/2013
To new concrete cement mixer, we must strictly arrange production according to the manufacturers’ requirements and must take care of the production. The followings are some matters need attention to concrete cement mixer production:

Before production
1, Users must strictly carry out production commissioning work according to the manufacturers’ requirements. Examine and conduct  trial operation to every part of concrete mixer in accordance with the requirements. Carry out empty operation. After confirmation that every part of concrete cement mixer is normal, then users can safely use concrete cement mixer to produce.

2, Concrete mixer can be divided into fixed concrete mixer and mobile concrete mixer. Users should pay attention to placing fixed concrete mixer on the solid base. If use fixed concrete mixer for a long time, users should fasten the anchor bolts. If use fixed concrete mixer for a short time, users also lay crosstie on the base and steadily place concrete mixer. Users need place mobile concrete mixer on the plain ground and strongly support the concrete cement mixer with brackets. If use mobile concrete mixer for a long time in the same place, unload and preserve tires. Maintain the concrete mixer, like rust protection.

3, Some concrete mixers need to build pit for feeding hopper. The surrounding environment should be more stable and take of protective work.

During production
1, After everything is well prepared, start up concrete mixer. When the rotation speed up to standard speed, feed materials to concrete mixer. Add water according to the rules. law. Empty concrete before the next round of feeding materials.

2, During concrete mixer production, remember not to fall something into the drum of concrete mixer in order to avoid causing damages to mixing parts. Operators are not able to privately turn off concrete mixer during production and conduct load production.

After production
Concrete mixer users need regularly carry out careful check and maintenance to concrete mixer.
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