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Mechanism Principles of Double-conic Reversing Concrete Mixe

Submitted by Cynthia,11/20/2013

Mechanism principles of double-conic reversing concrete mixer are as followings:

Double-conic reversing concrete mixer appeared in 1950s. The mixing blades of reversing concrete mixer are well fixed up. On one hand, materials are promoted and mixed depending on self-falling, on the other hand, materials are forced to move to the left and right along the axle. So double-conic reversing concrete mixer has stronger mixing effect. Double-conic reversing concrete mixer is suitable to mix concrete with low fluidity.

Reversing concrete mixer rotates clockwise when mixing and anticlockwise when discharging. There is a pair of helical blades at discharge end. Since corotation alternates with reversion, the obverse side and reverse side of blades all could be suffered by stone, so it is not easy to generate adhesion performance.

Double-conic reversing concrete mixer has simple structure, light weight. This drum concrete mixer has no out-feed channel, so it does not need tipping gear. For reversing concrete mixer, users just need control the corotation and reversion of electric motor. So it is easy to realize automatic control.

The disadvantage of reversing concrete mixer is discharging of mixing drum is started up in case of load, so the starting current is big and reversing concrete mixer is not suitably to be made with a large capacity.

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