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Mixing system of JS concrete mixer

Submitted by Cynthia,01/21/2013
JS series forced type concrete mixer mainly consists of five parts: mixing system, feeding system, water supply system, discharging system and control system. Today, we will introduce JS concrete mixer from aspects of mixing system, I hope this can help for your purchase and application.

The mixing system of JS series double horizontal shaft concrete mixer is composed of motor, belt pulley, gear reducer, gear, mixing drum device, composed of oil supply device etc.

The motor drives gear reducer through the belt, the reducer output shaft by both sides to open gear respectively drives the stirring shaft reverse constant-speed rotary two level configuration.

The original arc part of the mixing cylinder is welded into the stirring barrel, with eight types of lining plate, military countersunk head screw and barrel connected fastening.

The mixing drum has two horizontal mixing shafts, each of the shafts are respectively provided with a mixing blade. In the mixing arm near the tube ends are respectively provided with a side of the blade, can scrape the surface on the concrete.Leaf blade and the lining board clearance ≤ 5mm.

The stirring shaft and the stirring barrel is connected with special sealing device.In order to ensure the sealing quality, there is oil supply device specially arranged in the mixing drum section.

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