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Mobile Concrete Mixer Maintenance in Summer

Submitted by Cynthia,07/25/2013

Summer is a rainy season with high temperature. Mobile concrete mixer maintenance in summer is different from the general maintenance, especially when encounters the lightning and thunder. The weather in summer is hot and wet. How to maintain mobile concrete mixer?

1, The rainy days of summer generally accompany thunder and lightning. Mobile concrete mixer is composed of iron and steel, so remember to cover the mobile concrete mixer with something to protect the concrete mixer;

2, Mobile concrete mixer users need do a good rainproof work, especially to the electric wire and the plug part of mobile concrete mixer;

3, The weather in summer is very hot and moisture is easy to be  evaporated. The moisture in concrete is not much. So after using the mobile concrete mixer, users must immediately clean up the non discharged concrete in the mixing drum. Otherwise the concrete will solidify in the mixing drum and influence the working performance of concrete mixer;

4, The weather in summer is also wet. Water absorption tube, branch pipe and other parts of concrete mixer are easy to be rusted. So concrete mixer users need always check these parts and timely brush antirust paint;

5, Summer is very hot. The mixing drum and reducer of mobile concrete mixer will have relatively high temperature at work, which will easily cause troubles to concrete mixer and affect the work of concrete mixer. So users need do good heat dissipation work, like put the mobile concrete mixer in ventilated place, do not expose mobile concrete mixer in the sun.

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