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The workflow of mobile concrete mixer

Submitted by Anne,12/10/2014
JZM, ZJC and JZD series of mobile concrete mixer are produced by Zhengzhou Pioneer Machinery Company. Today we will tell you the workflow of mobile concrete mixer.
(1)The first step is to load small amount of sand and gravel through the loading shovel to the mixing drum.
(2) Injecting water into the tank of self loading concrete mixer, meanwhile, water should also be injected into the mixing barrel.
(3) When the injection process is completed, you can start to add cement into the mixing bucket. This process can be realized through the following two ways: manually, through the cement bags or the silo. No matter use which way, the loading shovel of the self loading of concrete mixer will help complete the feeding process.
(4)After we put all the cement we need into the stirring barrel, we will put the sand and gravel into the stirring barrel. At the same time, we also added other raw materials required for the modulation of concrete.
(5) The self loading concrete mixer can run to the specified location, at the same time, the rotation of mixing drum will not stop so as to ensure the concrete will not be solidified. There are several internal spiral blades in mixing drum, which are used for concrete mixing. Thanks to the principle of operation with bidirectional rotation, and this improves the comfort of use, at the same time, it also maximize saves the working time and raw materials.
(6)After work, the cleaning of the mixer is an indispensable part of the equipment maintenance, and it is also the premise to ensure the normal operation of the equipment in the work in the future.
Pioneer Machinery Company provides personalized and customized products with good quality and reasonable price. Warranty period of mobile concrete mixers is one year. The production ability of cheap small concrete mixers is 3000 sets every year.

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