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Operation Procedures of Electric Cement Mixer

Submitted by Cynthia,10/11/2012
Hi, there, today we will discuss the sample operation procedures of electric cement mixer. In order to provide our clients with a good after sale service, our engineers offer the following tips for our electric cement mixers for sale.

1. Fix support bracket of the cement mixer
Cement mixer shall be located at the place which is smooth and solid. Use the support bracket and never rely on the wheels, it is not stable to support through the wheels

2.Examine control units and parts of the cement mixer
Before the concrete mixer running, check wether the control units and parts are in normal conditions. Ensure there is no other clutter in the drum.

3. Keep non-operating workers away from the running cement mixer
When the feeding hopper is being lifting, it shall forbid non-operating worker going through or remain under the hopper. When the work is done, please fix the hopper well.

4. Cut off the power supply
Be sure to cut off the power supply and fix the hopper when give maintenance to the cement mixer. When entering the drum, there must a partner outside to give help. And we also talked about safety measures in cautions in concrete mixer.
Safe operation is quite important, and our engineers really give many tips about it. And once we talked about cautions in concrete mixer operation and safety operation in running concrete mixing plant.

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