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The parts and accessories of concrete mixer

Submitted by Cynthia,10/25/2012
Today we will briefly analyze the parts and accessories in concrete mixer.
The parts and accessories of concrete management include concrete silos, concrete batchers and ingredient screws controlled by inverter. Batchers and radar sensor apply in the material measurement in the aggregate bins. In order to avoid large quantity of fly ash, there must be an air filter on the concrete mixer, for example our twin shaft concrete mixer. It shall automatically collect duster through vibration. Moreover, the sensor can also reduce press inside the silo. Actually, it plays a role in silo protection.Gravel weighs either on the dumping chute or through the sensor on the belt. There is one or two vibration devices on the gravel silo to ensure the loading precisely. If need, the radar sensor could measure the water in the sand. Therefore, according to the data, it shall adjust the concrete premixing process.  
Our company employs the most advanced control units to control new type concrete mixers. It is characterized by simplified the distribution of input and output module.  Commonly, the control devices applied in the concrete mixer do not concentrate on the concrete mixer.

With over ten years experience in manufacturing and exporting concrete mixer, we supply the following concrete mixer machinery:
JZC series portable concrete mixer:  JZC250, JZC350, JZC500, JZC300T,JZC350T
JZM small concrete mixer:  JZM350, JZM500
JS series forced type concrete mixer:  JS500, JS750, JS1000, JS1500, JS2000, JS3000, JS4000
JSII twin shaft concrete mixer:JS500II, JS750II, JS1000II, JS1500II, JS2000II, JS3000II, JS4000II
JZD series diesel concrete mixer:JZD300, JZD350, JZD300T, JZD350T
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