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Portable Cement Mixer Advantages in Energy Conservation

Submitted by Cynthia,11/18/2013

In construction energy conservation and improvement and application, what advantages does concrete mixer have while other industrial equipments do not have? Portable cement mixer advantages in energy conservation are as followings:

First, analysing from the structure of portable cement mixer: the guide post of portable concrete mixer is made of super special steel and the surface of the guide post is chrome plated, which makes cement mixer have excellent antitorque performance and abrasion resistance. Portable concrete mixer is simultaneously driven by machine, electricity, hydraulic.

The height error of products produced by the same layer board is small, so the uniformity of concrete is good. The amplitude frequency of concrete mixer can be adjusted to realize feeding materials at low frequency and taking shape at high frequency. Portable concrete mixer is able to receive good effect to different raw materials;

Portable concrete mixer is controlled by PLC automatic computer and has man-machine interface. The control program of Pioneer concrete mixer is designed by introducing the international advanced technology and combining with the national conditions. It is simple to master the concrete mixer operation.

In modern times, facing all aspects of national policy supports, construction machinery industry thinks that: energy-saving concrete mixer has been came into use. Energy-saving concrete mixer has such advantages as high degree of automation, simple operation, time-saving and labor-saving.

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