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Preventive measures for concrete mixer malfunction (I)

Submitted by Cynthia,10/10/2012
Keep normal working load of concrete mixer
In order to reduce and prevent malfunction of the machinery caused by mis-operation, it is necessary to give the operators a training for using and operating all kinds of construction machinery. At the same time, to add the working load smoothly, never roughly stop or start the machine.
Take measures of technology and controls of concrete mixer
It shall give daily maintenance to the machinery strictly according to the maintenance procedures. For the maintenance of parts and accessories shall be regularly implemented in according with the requirements. In addition, please pay attention to the working load that never exceed the maximum working load that the machine could bear.
It shall carefully maintain and clear the concrete mixer and keep clean the inside and outside of the machine, especially pay much attention to the clean of the drum. Give regular examine to the machine, check wether there is any abnormal parts. It shall take measures timely to repair or fasten the components and parts, what is more, change the wearing parts previously. Therefore, personnels for maintaining and operating the machine shall seriously learn the maintenance and operation knowledge and keep eyes on preventing the machinery from damage or distortion or corrode during the transportation and storage.
Ensure the correct maintenance procedures of concrete mixer
The available maintenance procedures are concluded from the experience of many years in practice, so it is scientific. If there is no significant changes in technology, those maintenance procedures are critical and must be implemented. Check the machinery not only regularly but also randomly, if there is any abnormal or malfunction, it shall cope with it timely.  Never consider the small error could not effect the normal running of the machine, it shall cause big accident.
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