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Preventive measures for concrete mixer malfunction (II)

Submitted by Cynthia,10/11/2012
Last time we discussed the preventive measures for concrete mixer malfunction (I) which are keep normal working load of concrete mixer, take measures of technology and controls of concrete mixer and ensure the correct maintenance procedures of concrete mixer. This time we will discuss from the prospect of maintenance regularly and repair on time to prevent the concrete mixer from malfunction.

Maintenance regularly and repair on time
The working load is the key factor to effect the serve life of construction concrete mixer. The trainer shall give instruction or operation manual to the operators and guide them to skillfully run the machine. It is not right to hide the operation materials and do not give them to the operators. Usually, the parts of the machine are easier worn down if the working load exceeds. The machine will serve a longer life and have less chances to malfunction in normal working load.Experience shows that, serious malfunction is usually caused by some small errors occurs to the machine, especially, it is often happens to concrete mixers.When the working load exceeds the average design load, the parts would be worn down fastly. The correct and skillful operating the machine of the operators determines the normal working load. Following the development of materials science and design & manufacturing technology, construction machinery employs many new technology, new material, and new designs, which requires a high level skill in maintenance and repair of the machine. Therefore, for any malfunctions, it shall take measures on time to ensure the normal running of the machine. It concludes that never ignore the small errors and repair on time.

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