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Preventive measures for concrete mixer malfunction (III)

Submitted by Cynthia,10/15/2012
It shall not use poor lubricant nor other types of non-machinery lubricant instead. To solve the problem of parts worn down, it not only relies on employing good material, improving the manufacturing process, and designing better structure, but also to ensure lubricate the machine on time. Maintenance and repair of the concrete mixer on site please take some measures to prevent dust to contaminate the parts. Once the dust or some other inclusion enter into the inside of the machine, it may cause a great damage to the machine.

  To ensure the lubrication and reduce erosion of concrete mixer
The metal surface and the medium nearby react to cause damage, such phenomenon called erosion. The working face of the parts abraded, eroded and the aging of the material are the three main failure modes of the machinery parts. That is to say the abrasion is the main reason to cause the parts worn down.

      Reduce the risk caused by temperature in concrete mixer running
There is a normal temperature range of the machine parts when it is running. While the temperature is over high, it may cause the lubricate go bad. Whereas, when operating the construction machinery in a low temperature, it must not give the machine over load work and have to ensure the normal running in a low speed. Anyway, please check the values of various thermometer on each part frequently when in higher or lower temperature.

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