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Prolong Service Life of Fixed Mortar Mixer

Submitted by Cynthia,01/14/2014
Here are some tips about prolonging service life of fixed mortar mixer:

Many concrete mixer users may know that during concrete production, they need spread small amount of engine oil on the rotating gear and lubricate chain.

In addition, after using fixed mortar mixer for 300 hours, users need clean the chain. Every week, users should open the cover pieces of each running chain. After using mortar mixer, please remember to discharge the materials in the mixing drum and clean the drum using water. Then cut off the general power supply, check the mixing arms and mixing blades and other parts in the concrete mixer. Timely fasten the bolts and nuts when find they are becoming loose.

The service life of fixed mortar mixer is closely connected with maintenance. And it is also connected with replacement and maintenance of fittings of concrete mixer. So Zhengzhou Pioneer Machinery Co., Ltd reminds majority of concrete mixer users of taking care of the following matters:

(1) Regularly replace the lub oil of reducer according to the stipulation;

(2) Often check fixing bolts of each part, especially the lampstand of concrete mixer machine, motor base, blades and the lining board to prevent getting loose;

(3) Inspect whether the lubricating pump of cement mixer be set up according to the procedures and be operated normally;

(4) After using mortar mixer, clean up mixing barrel, mixing blades and mixing shaft;

(5) In freezing season, after using concrete mixer, users shall discharge the water in water pump and water pipe;

(6) Regularly adjust synchronous gear and rotating chain and timely add lubricating oil.

In the usual attention to together, the site may have mixer fittings to prevent possible period of want or need.

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