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Safely Operate JS1500 Concrete Mixer

Submitted by Cynthia,03/27/2013
JS1500 concrete mixer belongs to twin shaft concrete mixer. How to safely operate JS500 concrete mixer?

Before using JS500 concrete mixer, users need make sure that:

JS500 concrete mixer is stably placed.
Electrical grounding is good.
The water supply of pump is normal.
Mixing and lifting mechanism are functioning properly.

There are operation cautions:

When the drum is being lifted, people is forbidden to walk through the drum.
During JS1500 concrete mixer is working, do not stop concrete mixer optionally and concrete mixer maintenance is not allowed.

After using JS1500 concrete mixer, clean up concrete mixer.
JS1500 concrete mixer maintenance:
Weekly oil and grease concrete mixer.
Monthly check the oil level of gearbox and the quality of oil.
Regularly check whether the blades are loose and the wear condition of the blades.
Regularly check the gear and adjust the tightness of the belt to avoid sliping.

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