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Safely Operating Diesel Portable Cement Mixer

Submitted by Cynthia,05/21/2013
Safely operating diesel portable cement mixer is crucial to the concrete production and the personal security.

Along with the development of construction, urban construction is everywhere. So it can be seen that concrete mixer is the blood of construction. While at the begining, mechanical equipment contains massive hidden security dangers. We cannot avoid these hidden security dangers happening, but we are able to prevent hidden troubles occuring with normal operation and other measures. The following is a report explaining how important safely operating diesel portable cemement mixer is.

A few days ago, on one concrete mixer station, one worker was involved in the diesel portable cement mixer and was unable to move and had life risk. He needed urgent rescue. After receiving the alarm, fire officers and soldiers rushed to the concrete mixer station. Arrived on the station,  fire officers and soldiers saw one person was trapped in the diesel concrete mixer, only two legs left outside. Because the outside steel plate and inside rolling shaft are thick, so general cutting tools can not rescue the worker. Finally, they used the crane lift the diesel portable cement mixer and successfully rescue the stranded worker. While at the end, the worker was identified having no life signs.

According to the principle, people is not allowed to go into the drum of concrete mixer, but the workers went to the drum in order to better clean concrete mixer. Another ignorant worker start up concrete mixer and caused the tragedy. 

This tragedy was caused by nonstandard operation. So users must pay attention to safely operating diesel portable cement mixer.
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