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Safely Using Small Portable Concrete Mixer

Submitted by Cynthia,07/15/2013

Perhaps you know how to use small portable concrete mixer and take care of maintenance. However, have you noticed the security problem of small portable concrete mixer and know how to safely use small concrete mixer? For the sake of safety, here are some suggestions about safely using small portable concrete mixer:

1, Small portable concrete mixer should adopt two levels of electricity leakage protective device. Before using portable concrete mixer, connect the power. And then carefully examine the small portable concrete mixer, if it is at normal working condition by the empty test, then users can use small portable concrete mixer. Users should check the suitability of mixing barrel’s speed. In normal circumstances, the speed of empty portable concrete mixer is 2~3 revolutions faster that loaded portable concrete mixer.

2, The rotation direction of mixing drum should be consistent with the direction showing by the arrow. If not, users should correct the motor wiring.

3, Small portable concrete mixer should be laid in flat place. Put square batten under the small portable concrete mixer to raise the concrete mixer and suspend wheels, thus avoiding concrete mixer’s moving arond when using small portable concrete mixer.

4, When using small portable concrete mixer, always pay attention to all parts of the mixer and make sure their functions are proper. When stop using small portable concrete mixer, regularly check whether the mixing blades are bent and screws are loose and timely replace them.

5, If the concrete mixer complete mixing or is expected to close down for more than one hour, users need remove the remaining concrete from the drum of concrete mixer and running the drum by using gravel and water and clean the drum. Water may not be in the drum so as to avoid the mixing drum and blades rusting. At the same time, users also should clean up the outside of drum concrete mixer and keep concrete mixer clean.

6, After working, users should switch off the power and lock the switch box to ensure safety.

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