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Self Load Portable Concrete Mixer Routine Maintenance

Submitted by Cynthia,11/28/2013

Items of self load portable concrete mixer routine maintenance are as followings:

一, Check and clean up concrete mixer:

(1) After using self load portable concrete mixer, users need timely clear up concrete sticked to inside and outside walls of mixing drum and other sewage. Then use water to wash the drum.

(2) For mobile concrete mixer, the gas pressure of tyres should keep specified value. Tighten the bolts of tyres.

(3) If the wirerope of hopper charging bucket are loose, tighten up the wirerope and list it in order.

(4) Concrete mixer users need weekly check the cohering situation of concrete remained in mixing drum and on the water nozzle. If it is necessary, users are able to cut off the electricity supply to wipe out the residual concrete.

二, Check the connection between mixing arm and blades

Make sure that all connecting bolts have no looseness and severe abrasion. Otherwise, users need tighten or replace them.

三, Check the reducer

(1) After using portable concrete mixer, users need check the heating-up situation of actuator motor. If the motor is too hot, users need find out the reason and remove faults.

(2) Weekly inspect the height of the lubricating oil level of reducer. Add lubricating oil when there is no adequate oil.

四, Check the running of concrete mixer

Concrete mixer should have stable running and has no abnormal noise. If there are faults and power failure, users need immediately cut off the electricity supply, open the discharging door and clean out the concrete in the drum. Start up the concrete mixer again after repair and supplying electric source.

Before using concrete mixer, lubricate bearings and discharging door.
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