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Self-loading Concrete Mixer

Submitted by Cynthia,03/04/2013
Self-loading concrete mixer is towable with two pneumatic wheels. Self-loading concrete mixer is also called drum concrete mixer.

There are two sets of blades in self-loading concrete mixer. These two sets of blades are to drag the concrete upward and toward the center of concrete mixer when the drum runs clockwise and to push the concrete toward the discharging door when the drum rotates anticlockwise.

Self-loading concrete mixer has compact structure, high reliability, good mixing effect, easy operation and maintenance, convenient movement between construction sites, light weight and high productivity.

Self-loading concrete mixer belongs to self-falling concrete mixer and has middle capacity. Self-loading concrete mixer is suitable to mix plastic and half-dry hard concrete. The aggregate size is required to be smaller than 80mm.

Self-loading concrete mixer is widely used in ordinary construction sites, like house building, roads, bridges, concrete prefabricated parts factories.

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