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Shaft End Problems of Twin Shaft Concrete Mixer

Submitted by Cynthia,07/31/2013
Several shaft end problems of twin shaft concrete mixer will be presented in this article:

There are varied kinds of concrete mixers. Twin shaft concrete mixer is one representative concrete mixer among them. In addition, there are twin  horizontal shaft concrete mixer and other kinds of concrete mixers. The main operating processes are similar for compulsory concrete mixers. Twin shaft concrete mixer is mostly used in concrete batching plant on construction projects. Whether twin shaft concrete mixer be used alone or applied in commercial concrete mixing plant, the workload of twin shaft concrete mixer is very huge. Twin shaft concrete mixer will encounter many problems under the high intensity of working conditions. Among these problems, the mixing shaft temperature being too high has become the focus of many users concerned about the axial temperature mixing the most concerned problem for the concrete mixer users. This shaft end problem of twin shaft concrete mixer would seriously affects the production and application of twin shaft compulsory concrete mixer and bring negative effects to the engineering projects.

How to solve this shaft end problem of twin shaft concrete mixer?

Firstly, concrete mixers should know what accidents will happen when the mixing shaft temperature is too high. When the temperature of mixing shaft rises, at the same time, the wear and tear of bearing also gradually rise, friction between the bearing and the mixing drum will gradually increase to cause more serious wear, until the twin shaft concrete mixer can not work. How to prevent this shaft end problem to happen?

Zhengzhou Pioneer Machinery Co., Ltd suggests concrete mixer users to reasonably arrange operating time when using twin shaft concrete mixer, which will keep forced type concrete mixer normally work under high intensity of operation to effectively reduce the wear of twin shafts. At the same time, in the production process, users must pay attention to the mixing temperature and timely carry out maintenance to the mixing shaft, mixing drum and other parts, timely check whether the lubricating oil is sufficient to effectively reduce the friction between parts.
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